21 December 2008


This is a photo of one of my last three remaining bookshelves. The others don't have many books on them because I sold them to buy a plane ticket. The case pictured here was purchased from The Blackberry Bookstore as it was going out of business. The top two shelves contain the almost complete set of Time Life's "Great Books of the Western World" series. The only volume missing is the one with writings by Adam Smith, and that is on loan to a friend. The bottom shelf contains some books with which I couldn't part, and is obscured by book-like data storage things and "tools" of various kinds that can be used wisely. Examples include a microscope, floppy disks, a computer tower, a box of cards, and a case of marinade. The volume of Greek plays has wine stained pages.

14 December 2008

cuarto de cancer - lynn

It's bad enough that a cancer diagnosis takes over your life for awhile, it can even take over a bookshelf, which then takes over a room.

Lynn blogs about her Unplanned Adventure with cancer.