31 January 2008

cindy fey

This picture is of one of my least messy bookshelves. The one with a few of my favorite books and pictures. The one with the Styron, Kingsolver and Alice Munro clusters. A nice mix of stuff I've barely cracked (Guns, Germs and Steel) and books I've reread and reread (I love Possession's worn binding.)

Thanks for the idea - it's great to revisit the old friends that line my walls.

Cindy writes about life in the past, present, and future at
We All Fall Down.

29 January 2008

friar tuck

These are the bookshelves in my office. I have more at home. I ran out of room in my office for my office books, so I put more out in the hall. I tend to keep them moderately organized, but not completely so. Most of these are theology and ministry related. Home has more of the general stuff, but the limit keeps me from exposing all my shelves.

To see all of Friar Tuck's books, check out his
on-line library listing
. It really is amazing!

27 January 2008

nicki the cat

Sadly, we do not have Nicki Jr to be our bookshelf gargoyle any more. We still have the bookshelf, but that particular one has mostly videos on it at the moment. (The bottom shelf is all oversized books right now, though.)
We sell books from our home here, on the internet, and it was kind of a joke that Nicki was one of our assistant managers. She was in charge of complaints, since she was usually complaining about something herself, mainly that we never fed the poor cats....

Nicki Jr's owners sell their books from their online store called Neon Hearts. They have a little bit of everything-check out the "Penny Bin" where all the books are one cent!

25 January 2008

one hundred years of trash

Your very creative project appeals to both the exhibitionist and the voyeur in me. Below is my contribution.

Our living room bookshelf is the go to spot for killing a day, or shutting up one of the many know-it-alls that comes by to test our home's resident Jeopardy champion.

The dining room case houses righteous cookbooks, gardening books, and some of our 100 years of trash.

I tore out the little wall behind the commode in the bathroom, and nailed up some pine from the basement to hold fun books about fun stuff.

See more of their trash at 100 Years of Trash

23 January 2008


Atop my computer desk, this shelf (if you can really call it that) includes many of my oversized books. These generally tend to be art or drawing related and are thus considered to be my coolest books. Please note that they are also color coded.

This “book case” has been around since my elementary days. The top part of my stacked shelving units is home to many fiction and vintage novels, college texts and the lovely teetering pile of children’s books. The nose from a pair of joke glasses and a ceramic cat I made have a permanent residence on the second shelf.

The second half includes the new edition of a cabinet, which I thought would help alleviate the crowding on the 2 original cases. Much like the top half, there are lots of random fiction and vintage books. There is also a rabbit with chemistry goggles on, and my clarinet from 8th grade band.

21 January 2008

john & jenny

Unfortunately I recently packed up almost all of our books and moved them into the garage to make space. Maybe I'll go out there and shoot a couple of pictures. These are pretty neat though.

20 January 2008

chris & leann

Bookshelf 1 is a Mexican hutch handed down from an old boss. It’s nearly impossible to move and sits about where you’d probably want to put the coat rack that partially obscures it in the picture. It’s right by the front door and has a constant flow of new mail. The books are mostly recently acquisitions from the neighborhood used bookstore and Friends of the Library sales. It’s also home to numerous photographs and assorted small junk like the small stuffed deer on the top. The cabinet at the bottom holds an assortment of guitars, a viola, and a trumpet.

Bookshelf 2 was bought very cheap in 1999 from one of Petaluma ’s once-numerous used bookstores. The bookstore has since been replaced by some high-end old-lady home décor shop. Sigh. This shelf is mostly quality paperbacks – lots of fiction, lots of science, and most of our music books. It’s sturdy, fairly lightweight, and nice-looking – I wish I’d bought all three of them. It now resides in our office.

Bookshelf 3 came from the late, lamented Chinook Bookshop in COS . I bought this one and its twin because they were deep enough to serve as LP shelves. This one is somewhat hard to move since its metal frame and the cabinet at the bottom are a single piece. Since we moved to California one has remained in pieces in the mud room and this one has towered over the entryway and the living room, depending on the house. Most of our art and film books, assorted tall paperbacks, and hardbound books are on this shelf. The very tall books and some adults-only books are at the very top. The milk cans at the top were decorations for our wedding reception. The red sliding doors at the bottom were pale blue when I bought the shelves; behind them live magazines and comics. I hope no one is sitting in front of this when The Big One hits.

18 January 2008


This is where I keep books on Shakespeare, Renaissance studies, alchemy, existentialism, general philosophy, and literary criticism. Also on this bookshelf one will find a diverse collection of tarot cards, an ancient catcher's mitt, miscellaneous DVDs, and WWII-era photos of my grandparents.

Klayton shares his view of the world at NothingBeyond.

16 January 2008

noel & marina

Living room bookshelf 1 and 2 . I bought these bookshelves at some raw furniture place in San Francisco about 10 years ago. It has served as room divider and a way of keeping my book collection limited to two shelves, though the overflow stacks on top attest to the constant struggle. Such is living in a small house.

Bedroom bookshelf:

Kitchen bookshelf:

Noel publishes NEWSPEAK! in Colorado Springs.

Marina has found the keys.

14 January 2008


This built-in bookshelf was one of the things I really liked about this house when we bought it 4 years ago. The house was built by the family we purchased it from, built in 1959. He built in a lot of custom touches, all out of this same wood laminate. I think other people's bookshelves are always so much more interesting than your own. Honestly, I have read most of the books on it, so I don't go back to it for books too often (other than the art books and phone book). We watch a lot of movies, those are there too. But I think it is more a representation of people that I am connected to rather than ideas. The objects all represent specific people that gave them to me (mostly my rather large family), and most of the books as well have a history that connects them to a person.

This is my prized collection of 1920's children's books, "My Book House" by Olive Beaupre Miller. Great illustrations, received these as a 13th birthday present from my father. Also in this shot, one of my prized beetles and a small sculpture from my sister. The books remind me of my collector dad, who used to say to all of us, right after opening some toy received as a present, "You should keep it in the box, it will be worth a lot someday!!". We never kept anything in the box, no regrets here.

Bookshelf Guardienne. I love this paper mache doll from Mexico, great face! 'Nuf said.

08 January 2008


highlights include: a collection of colored fairy books, several books on Irish history and folk tales, Irish language, A history of the crusades called Through Arab Eyes, the Hebrew Goddess, selected plays by George Bernard Shaw, Nietzche, Jung, Norton's Anthology, The Druids, Tom Robbins' books....books on sex, dreaming, handicrafts, anatomy, alternative health, botany, ancient mystery cults, and a piece or two by CS Lewis because he has good advice on avoiding temptation ;). All have survived the culls of '04, '07, and previous years and date back to before college. This is one of 8 filled bookshelves in our possession. ;)
Hey, it's better than collecting cardboard boxes....