28 November 2007


My Home Office. Aesthetically this is the favorite of my three bookshelves. It's a pretty green color (I painted it), it has that great plant (still living!) on top and is crowned by a photo of my boys at the state fair (we got our bunny that day). But it barely qualifies as a bookshelf anymore. It has been reduced to a utilitarian storage facility (alas! where is the otherworldliness of a real bookshelf?)

My Professional Library. This is the place where my hopes, dreams and ideals lay stored. Nestled in this frigid corner of my house are those books that contain the theories, philosophies and unrealized craft projects that have informed my professional, parental, and artistic development. These are the few items that have survived repeated anti-clutter cullings. Did you notice that this bookshelf is tucked in the corner surrounded by all the shit that life has brought into my life?

Daily Life. Books from friends ("You have to read this one, it so reminds me of you") who are fully aware that I have not read an entire book (that has more than a 9th grade reading level) in more than five years. Cookbooks from the library as I once again psych myself up (in an attempt) to take my rightful place as a domestic goddess. Children's books for when I exercise the one area (only area) of parenting in which I feel confident--reading with my children (shit, I'm a teacher with a theatrical background, I'd better be able to read a story).

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