30 March 2008


I am in desperate need of more bookshelf space! This is just a small piece of my bookshelves. Hopefully I will move from my small studio into a house so my books can expand and fill the new space.

If you love Seattle, you will love Maya's photos.
She's also the latest member of the Expose Yourshelf Book Club (see info on right)


Struggle For Justice said...

When your heart is bigger than your bookshelf, what to do?

This has been a problem for me
ever since I can remember.
Somehow you must decide
which items are foremost
in your heart and then
you leave that
on the shelves and store
the rest.

There are several bookshelves in our house, but never enough
and we have given many books away.

ReesePie said...

I'm going to join in on this... but it's hard because a good majority of my books are in Washington state and I am in Florida! I'll do my best though... maybe that's an excuse to go to Barnes & Noble...

Maya said...

I think it best to get a bigger place and keep filling it up! ;-)