04 February 2008


One of my favorite things to do when I'm in someone else's house is look at what's on their bookshelf -- not only does it say a lot about the person, but I'm always discovering new things to read!

Our bookshelf was a Craigslist acquisition that I bought when books were absolutely overflowing out of our old one. I try to purge my collection every few months, but I still end up with more than we can fit! I try to categorize my books along these general lines:

- Sociology/psychology/human interest -- Anatomy of Love, Mutants, Before the Dawn, etc.
- Classic literature
- Arab/Middle East literature and studies
- Cookbooks
- Presidential bios/political bios
- Medieval/Renaissance studies

Unfortunately, some of my books always end up spilling over onto other shelves, and I have one shelf that's pretty much a catch-all. I envy those who have plenty of storage space, but I know that if I had more, I'd just fill those shelves up again and end up with overflow like I do now.

This one is of my husband's sections. He has his own bookshelves in his Mancave, but he wanted some space in the living room bookshelf too:

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suesun said...

These are the first photos I grabbed from flickr links as a little experiment. This is the largest size, which you'll see is pretty good if you click on it to zoom in.

So flickr links are great, but if anyone wants to send larger files via email to get a really good close-up, please do.

Lucy said...

Thanks for posting my pictures!

A Unique Alias said...

Hey! Those are my books!!! :-)

suesun said...

Lucy- you're most welcome.
AUA - Yeah..... you're lucky your wife didn't let me use the photo of the bedside book crate with boxers! :-)

suesun said...
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