23 January 2008


Atop my computer desk, this shelf (if you can really call it that) includes many of my oversized books. These generally tend to be art or drawing related and are thus considered to be my coolest books. Please note that they are also color coded.

This “book case” has been around since my elementary days. The top part of my stacked shelving units is home to many fiction and vintage novels, college texts and the lovely teetering pile of children’s books. The nose from a pair of joke glasses and a ceramic cat I made have a permanent residence on the second shelf.

The second half includes the new edition of a cabinet, which I thought would help alleviate the crowding on the 2 original cases. Much like the top half, there are lots of random fiction and vintage books. There is also a rabbit with chemistry goggles on, and my clarinet from 8th grade band.

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suesun said...

thanks, Steph.

rabbit with chem goggles........LOL!