14 January 2008


This built-in bookshelf was one of the things I really liked about this house when we bought it 4 years ago. The house was built by the family we purchased it from, built in 1959. He built in a lot of custom touches, all out of this same wood laminate. I think other people's bookshelves are always so much more interesting than your own. Honestly, I have read most of the books on it, so I don't go back to it for books too often (other than the art books and phone book). We watch a lot of movies, those are there too. But I think it is more a representation of people that I am connected to rather than ideas. The objects all represent specific people that gave them to me (mostly my rather large family), and most of the books as well have a history that connects them to a person.

This is my prized collection of 1920's children's books, "My Book House" by Olive Beaupre Miller. Great illustrations, received these as a 13th birthday present from my father. Also in this shot, one of my prized beetles and a small sculpture from my sister. The books remind me of my collector dad, who used to say to all of us, right after opening some toy received as a present, "You should keep it in the box, it will be worth a lot someday!!". We never kept anything in the box, no regrets here.

Bookshelf Guardienne. I love this paper mache doll from Mexico, great face! 'Nuf said.

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